Shop Marto is, in essence, a family business that began in 1996. Through its parent-to-child teaching, the business has been evolving, growing and expanding and is now in its second generation.

After more than 20 years, much has changed, but our spirit has not. We continue here, with the same will, the same effort and dedication. The teachings from father to son continue to be worked out for us, we know that we must always work with truth, respect and faith.


In our store you can find a great range of Statues and other religious articles, but our purpose goes beyond selling and so we try to establish a connection with all the people whose path crosses ours. We are always here to help, regardless of the situation.

Our greatest pride is that we can help spread the Word of Our Lady of Fátima throughout the world.


In our store, as in our website, we work thinking about our client.

We connect with people from all over the world, meet new traditions and learn from each of our clients. Throughout these over 20 years of business, we have crossed our paths with very special people. It is with great honor that we maintain true friendships with clients that we have known for many years, it is very gratifying for us to know that after so long, these wonderful people still continue to trust us.